Managing Duplicate Publications

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 In a Nutshell

Rejecting a publication that you are an author on, even a duplicate, may cause the system to miss other papers that are yours. So, always claim any duplicates. You can later merge these records and select a "preferred" version to represent that publication.

Step by Step

        1. First, claim all versions of the duplicate item(s) in your “Pending” list and then move to the “Mine” tab. 

        2. Next, select the “Bookmark” icon for each version of the duplicate record (circled below)

    3. Once all versions are bookmarked, select the “Workspace” icon in the top navigation bar:

        4. Use the checkboxes to select all versions of the item that needs to be reconciled, and then select the “Join” button to

             merge the selected items into a single record:


When attempting to locate duplicates under the “Mine” tab, you can use the search filters on the left side of the screen to focus in on specific items. You might have already rejected duplicate versions before looking for help, so go to the “Not mine” tab and re-claim these items before reconciling the duplicate versions.

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