is a copy of the CRD website as it existed in 2013, before we migrated from flat HTML pages to a content management system. 

It was posted "temporarily" at this URL in order to allow those with content-rich pages time to migrate, either to the new website or a repo platform or both. After five-plus years in operation, the site was decommissioned in 2019.

But what about my software download page?

Berkeley Lab IT Collaboration Services has an account with Atlassian for a hosted Distributed Version Control System (DVCS) called Bitbucket.  This is a hosted code management system in the cloud and supports both Git and Mercurial. There is no chargeback for this service. Learn how to request a Lab BitBucket account.

Many projects have also moved to GitLab or GitHub. Both "freemium" services offer no-charge basic accounts, with monthly paid subscriptions for higher service levels.

My staff page is too hard to find on the new CRD site.

Use the built-in short URL.