Staff and Group Page "Shortcut" URLs

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Staff Pages

Any staff page, no matter where it appears in the CRD, ESnet, CS, or NERSC site structure, can be reached from where "your-name" is the last segment of your staff page URL. By default, this is your first and last name. For example, my staff page can be reached at

You may change your short URL at any time by editing your staff page URL.

CRD Group Pages

On the CRD site only, group-level pages can be reached through shortened URLs, for example,

can be reached via

This shortcut works for deeper levels in group pages, too. 

For example,    

can be reached via

Beware the Virtual Page
Short URLs can be misdirected to virtual pages that are picking up content from your Bio Page. For example, if you use a virtual page to repeat your staff page in the "About" section of the site in addition to its "home," and you use your name for the URL (e.g., then the short URL will resolve to the virtual page instead of your BioPage. This usually doesn't matter because the content of your Bio page will be mirrored here as well. However, it will NOT mirror any subpages you create for projects or publications, for example. 

To avoid this misdirection, please make sure that your own staff page (Bio page) uses your name as the last segment of the URL. If you use a virtual page, the last URL segment should be different (e.g.,

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