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How to Update Publications for the CS Review

These instructions are written in two steps 1) Export Bibtex File (from the Open Access (OA) UC publications database) and 2) Upload Bibtex to CRD site.

If you don’t have an OA login (some students don’t) or have not kept your publications in this database current (publications.lbl.gov for why you should), you may skip to the second step using a Bibtex file from any other source, such as Google Scholar or your own personally maintained .bib file. 

Export Bibtex (.bib) File (from UC database)

Quick Video demo of how to export Bibtex from the OA database: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1_I3T95bhHsuqReRhfS3OcDDQBbJhfGdq/view?usp=sharing

  1. Point your browser at http://oapolicy.universityofcalifornia.edu

  2. If you are NOT a joint appointee: Select “LBL” from the list of University of California institutions
    Joint Appointees: Select your UC campus affiliation, e.g., “UC Berkeley” or "UC Davis" from the list (this accesses a joint LBL/UCB account/profile.)

  3. Log in using the appropriate credential.

4. Select the “Menu” tab, then “Manage>Publications” from the dropdown.

5. Optional: For the review, you need only include the last two year’s publications. Be sure you filter by Publication Date (at the bottom of the column) and not the Reporting Date, which refers to the date you claimed or added it to your record.

6. Click the “Export” button at the top of the page

7. Select “Export to BibTex” from the presented options.  

8. IMPORTANT: To avoid collisions with other users, PLEASE RENAME your Bibtex file now, before uploading to the CMS. 

Why? All files downloaded from the UC database on the same day will be named exactly the same (e.g., bibtex20190107.bib). It is possible to overwrite another user’s Bibtex before they hit the “upload” button, which imports the Bibtex entries into the publications page. Once the entries are imported, overwriting another file has no effect on what is already in the database, but the collision is still possible. (If you have already successfully imported your Bibtex before the file is overwritten by another user, don’t worry, your imported pubs are safe.)

Upload Bibtex to CRD Site

  1. In a browser, navigate to web site’s Bibtex importer page (you will be asked to login with your LDAP credential if you have not already): https://crd.lbl.gov/staff/bibtex-importer/

  2. Drag and drop your .bib file in the specified area of the page OR Click on “From your computer” to navigate to the file on your local hard drive.

  3. Finalize by clicking the “Upload” button.

  4. You will get an acknowledgment similar to the following:

Claim and Clean-up Your Publications

Your publications are now uploaded, but will not show up on your staff page until you “claim” them by associating them with your “local author” (that’s you).  If you do not show up in the list of Local Authors, learn how to add yourself to Local Authors.

All bibtex entries import as “Other” by default and will be displayed under that heading (instead of Journal Paper, Conference Paper, Presentation, Report, etc.) if not edited by you.

Lastly, you must make sure there is a date on your publication and specify the format to display it in (all dates display as YEAR only unless you change them). Important: If no date is specified, the publication date defaults to January 1, 1969.

  1. From the Bibtex upload page, locate the editing ‘widget’ at the far right edge of your browser window (which will appear if you have CMS editing privileges). If you do not have CMS edit privileges, you won’t see the widget. Email Margie Wylie mwylie@lbl.gov for access and instructions.

  2. Click on the “Live” or “Draft” button to expand the menu widget menu and select “Edit in CMS.” 
    OR Visit https://crd.lbl.gov/admin


2. Select the “Papers and Authors” database on the far left as shown here (you will see fewer items).

For an overview of the interface and detailed information about each field, please refer to "How to Add & Edit Publications in SilverStripe" 

Examples are based on the NERSC site, but all CS sites use the same base code. Your publications may be styled slightly differently on display, but all the backend mechanisms are the same.

3. Find unclaimed publications by filtering on the author’s last name in the “Author List” field (plain text of the authors as listed in the bibtex file) or some key word in the publication’s title using the “filter” fields at left.

For more information on filters, see "How to Add & Edit Publications in SilverStripe" 

Some clues that a publication isn’t claimed yet: It will be labeled “Other” in Type. The “Local Authors” column will be empty. 

Unfortunately, publications cannot be filtered by local authors.

4. Click on a publication to open it and select the “Local Authors” tab at upper right.

5. Select your Local Author and save(If your name does not appear as a “local author” you can add it. (See instructions below.)

TIME SAVER: To return to your filtered list of publications, use the BROWSER back button (not the CMS back button). Otherwise, you must refilter the list after every publication is edited.

How to Add Your Name to Local Authors

  1. From the main Papers and Authors screen, select the “Author” tab.

  2. Choose the “Add Author button”

  3. Fill out the fields and select the “Create” button.

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