Depending on needs and budget, you have a couple of different photography resources to call on:

  1. A lab photographer or vidoegrapher can be booked through IT's Creative Services for an hourly fee on chargeback (requires a project ID and activity code).
  2. [THIS OPTION IS UNAVAILABLE DURING SHELTER-IN-PLACE; PLEASE REFER ALL REQUESTS TO CSO UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE] CS Communications takes photos and produces video in support of area/division communications and outreach activities. There is no fee, but there are some limitations on services and availability. (Put in a ticket to make a request.)

The major differences between the two options are that the lab's photographer and videographer are full-time dedicated resources (CS uses a fraction of one FTE's time for these same activities). They can be hired for any purpose, and the photographer operates a studio (mostly for headshots and portraits). CS Communications' photography services support outreach and communications efforts strategic to the area. Our photographer / videographer fulfills other roles on the team, so isn't dedicated solely vidoe and photos. We also don't operate a studio, although we do take environmental portraits and headshots.