How to Edit or Create Sliders (Rotators)

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What's a Slider? Where do they appear on our websites?

Sliders are the changing "cards" you see at the top of some pages on our websites, most notably the home pages. Slider cards (made up of an image, headline, description, and link) are used to promote or surface important or timely content to our website visitors.

Pages on the CSA sites use two kinds of sliders:

  • Autogenerated
  • Manually built

The most common, autogenerated sliders automatically grab content (an image, headline, description, and link) from an existing page to create a card automatically. They appear on these pagetypes:

  • NewsIndex (less common)
  • ArticleIndex (more common)

Manually built sliders require the user to specify or write content for each element and appear on these pagetypes:

  • Home
  • GroupIndex (CRD site only)

Most users will never be required to build sliders manually, so these instructions cover only autogenerated sliders.

Autogenerated Slider Cards

Open or create an ArticleIndex or NewsIndex page on your desired website:

1. Under Content, select the Featured Articles tab

2. To create a new card in the slider, select the "Add Featured Article" button. To edit or replace an existing card, select the "edit" icon to the right of the desired card.

3. Whether editing or replacing a card, the instructions are the same: Navigate to and select the desired ArticlePage (note: Documentation Page types will also display here if all the correct fields are populated).

4. Fill in the desired "sort order." (By default, newly created items have a sort order of zero and will display first, even if existing items are also designated at "0". Items display numerical order starting with zero, regardless of gaps in numbering, and always display numbered 1, 2, 3, and so on, regardless of the sort numbers assigned in the CMS.)

5. Select the "Create" button at the bottom left of the page to save the slider. 

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